Project Description

(Crataegus monogyna)

I came across this beautiful medicinal tree in the back of my mums place in Cornwall.
The berries are full and beautiful.
In spring this tree is covered in white flowers.
🍃In Medicinal herbal medicine the parts used are the leaves, flowers and berries.
Hawthorn is one of my first ‘go-to’ herbs for the heart.
Medicinal Actions: Cardioprotective, cardiac tonic, hypotensive (can lower blood pressure), anti-arrhythmic, anti-oxidant and vasodilator.
Studies show the cardioprotective and antiarrhythmic effects of Hawthorn in rats (Alp H et al, 2015) and another study also demonstrated these qualities and hypolipidemic benefits (Diane A et al, 2016).
With many of my patients that have stealth infections, the pathogens can affect the heart and nervous system.
Often Lyme disease patients suffer from ‘Lyme carditis’ which occurs when Borrelia bacteria enter the tissues of the heart, causing an interference of the electrical signals, affecting the heartbeat.
Common symptoms of heart palpitations, tachycardia, hypertension, chest pain and anxiety can be very stressful for chronic stealth infected patients.
Hawthorn can help alleviate these symptoms, however it is crucial the patient has a medical check-up with their GP in case of any cardiovascular concerns.
To reduce high blood pressure, I often use Hawthorn with Lime flowers and Astragalus.
Safety: Caution with patients taking Digoxin medication. Must be professionally prescribed