Project Description

Found these Devine ‘Lime flower’ trees or Linden as they say in Denmark (Tilia cordata, Tilia platyphyllos). I use a lot of Lime flowers at #noosaholistichealth for helping reduce high blood pressure and to help ease palpitations and anxiety that many patients with chronic disease such as Lyme disease tend to suffer with. These trees are not related to the citrus lime at all.
Such beautiful strong trees, the leaves are also used as a tea.
This medicine had also been traditionally used here in Denmark for fevers, colds, flus and tension headaches and can even be helpful in relieving migraine headaches.

I believe this particular tree is the Tilia
platyphyllos as the leaves are bigger than T. cordata.

Thank you to my friend Sarah Ohlers Damgaard for the two pictures of the flowers as they were not in bloom right now.