Project Description

(Salvia officinalis)

An ancient herb written about by many historian hero’s and for excellent reasons.

There are many varieties. Parts used Aerial flowers and leaves.

This wonderful herb is grown and eaten in many traditional dishes in Greece and throughout our travels in France.
It is a wonderful antioxidant for the body and an astringent herb.
Hippocrates used it for gynecological problems and respiratory issues.
Dioscurides recommended it as diuretic and hemostatic (to stop bleeding) drug.
Da Vinci sketched and studied it too.
Sage is one of the first herbs I use when patients have a sore throat for its anti microbial action and a great herb for tonsillitis and headaches
We use it a lot in clinic for menopausal symptoms especially when there are hot flushes. I use this with patients who have fevers too.
It can help improve memory and concentration, so medically used to help with Alzheimer’s.
For the gut can help ease flatulence and dyspepsia.
Sage make a nice tea, so the leaves can be used quite easily if needed medicinally.
It will stop lactation so this herb is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers, unless they want to stop their milk flow.
Best not to be used long term either.