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Withania somnifera

This traditional Ayurvedic herb would have to be one of my favourite herbs for treating fatigue with adrenal depletion.
Love watching this herb growing here in our garden at Hillier Retreat🍃
It has been used as a tonic for over 2500 years and is my first choice as adrenal support for patients of chronic immunity deficiencies, post viruses, physical stress and those who struggle to thrive.🍃
🍃Parts used in medicine are the roots.
Actions: Adaptogenic, antianxiety, anti-inflammatory, immune modulating and antianaemic and thyroid supportive.
Withania is not only an excellent herb to help restore the adrenal glands, but is also a great tonic to strengthen the immune system. As it is high in iron, Withania can build the blood of patients suffering from anaemia which is common in Lyme cases. It is also beneficial for menstruating women and those with chronic parasitic infections who also often present with low iron levels. Withania may also assist in raising low white blood cells in leukopaenia.
Recent studies show Withania is helpful in balancing cortisol levels and increasing the adrenal hormone DHEA which is often depleted after long term stress and those with chronic fatigue. Studies show Withania somnifera as a potential anxiolytic and immunomodulatory agent in acute sleep deprived female Wistar rats (Kaur et al, 2017).
I find this herb to be invaluable for the nervous system in treating anxiety and stress symptoms. The adaptogenic actions of withanolides help patients adapt to their environment enabling them to deal with stress much more effectively. (Pingali et al, 2014).
Studies show Withania increases T4 thyroid levels when the thyroid may be underactive (Gannon et al, 2014).
Safety: This herb does need monitoring for thyroid conditions and hypersensitive immune systems therefore I only recommend it to be professionally prescribed. See your herbalist to make sure this herb is appropriate for you🙏🏼