Amina’s Master Class

Sunshine Coast Naturopath, Amina Eastham-HillierLyme, Mould illness, chronic stealth infections and complex cases.

Gain a greater understanding of Chronic Stealth infections such as Borreliosis, underlying viruses often present, parasites and the mould illness connection. Learn how to diagnose, functional medicine tests needed, support and treat symptoms for optimal recovery.

A two day comprehensive seminar/workshop for Natural Health Practitioners and Integrated Medical Doctors.

Once per year, Next one November 2020.

Please email for listing.

Where :
Noosa Holistic Health
35 Mary Street, Noosaville, Queensland

Investment: $445 (Early bird) until June 30th 2020 or $495 after June 30th 2020


You will receive:

  • Two days of comprehensive training with Amina
  • CPE points
  • Interactive Complex Case studies
  • Amina’s Book – Lyme Natural (Valued at $39.99)
  • Extensive notes and complimentary patient handouts
  • Mid-morning tea and healthy gluten free snacks
  • Refreshments and herbal tea

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  1. Stealth infection diagnosis of Lyme Borreliosis, Co infections and tick borne diseases as well as other vector borne infections such as Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma. Where to start and how to plan an effective program to cover the patients jigsaw puzzle of symptoms.
  2. Associated underlying viruses, parasites and specific testing recommended.
  3. Mould illness, CIRS, mould and mycotoxin testing, HLA genetics and prevention of further illness.
  4. Herbal medicine formulas and strategies clinically proven for effective support and healing outcome.
  5. Nutrition and specific diet recommendations for those with chronic stealth infections including oxalate sensitivities, histamine reactions, salicylate and nightshade intolerances.
  6. More functional medicine testing recommended, common genetic variations and nutrigenomics for these chronic complex patients. Integrated ‘high tech’ treatments, e.g hyperthermia, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and ozone therapy. Mental health support recommendations.

Sunday after noon – finishing with Case study discussions, questions and answers.


  • Full refund for cancellations before Sept 21st 2020.
  • After Sepr 21st– Oct 5th  2020 a 50 % refund will be given
  • After Oct 5th 2020, No refunds will be given.

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