In- Clinic, SKYPE OR Phone CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE NOW, Book online here:

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Amina offers Skype and phone consultations as well as in clinic in Pomona, Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Your personal history and symptoms will be addressed in detail, such as energy levels or fatigue, sleep patterns, digestive concerns, brain fog, poor concentration, chronic pain, skin rashes, anxiety, stress and depression.

Past medical test results can be helpful in determining your diagnostic puzzle and Amina will go through as much information provided. This detailed analysis is helpful to recommend further medical and functional medicine testing if needed. Please gather any past medical results and forward beforehand or at consultation.

As every person is different, patients will receive a personalised diet, herbal & nutritional formulas, necessary testing and an ongoing treatment plan.

Most of Amina’s patients are referred but this is not a necessity. All welcome 🙂

Naturopathy can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine or alone.