With all the media and worry of viruses I thought I’d gather some facts for my patients and friends, to put their minds at rest.

Sadly there have been many deaths and as we know ‘prevention is better than cure‘. We NEED to keep ourselves and families as healthy as possible and pay particular attention to our immune systems right NOW!

  1. There are many types of corona viruses, that can cause mild to severe illnesses, named after their crown-like shape.
  2. These ‘enveloped’ RNA viruses (1) were first identified in the 1960’s.
  3. Coronavirus can be spread via, sneezing, coughing, hand contact e.g. shaking hands, holding onto public rails, door handles, shopping trollies, elevator buttons, ATM’s and EFPOS machines.
  4. Most people will contract some type of corona virus at some point in their lives and for many it will not be too harmful.
  5. This most recent ‘novel’ coronavirus is called 2019-nCoV, from Wuhan, China and it can be fatal especially in those that may have previously been infected with coronavirus SARS in 2003, where 774 people died (2) or those with weakened immune systems ESPECIALLY those with past/current lung infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis. This virus will affect lungs and cause more inflammation and fluid build up.
  6. Since the virus is spread though droplets in the air (after someone has coughed or sneezed) or direct skin contact from an infected person who has not washed their hands after sneezing, HAND HYGIENE IS IMPERATIVE!.
  7. Symptoms can present as a common cold and sore throat in the first 2-14 days then may get worse like a flu with fatigue, shortness of breath, a dry cough and fever (3). IF YOU PRESENT WITH THESE SYMPTOMS PLEASE SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE FROM A MEDICAL DOCTOR ASAP.
  8. In weakened immune systems symptoms may worsen affecting lungs with pneumonia and further perishing the respiratory system. This is an INFLAMMATORY VIRUS. If a person already suffers chronic inflammation, its recommended to boost with natural inflammatory herbs.
  9. Some corona viruses can infect both animals and humans.
  10. Since the virus can be passed though skin, avoid touching face and eyes until you have washed your hands properly. Apparently after shaking someones hand, the average human will touch their face within 5 mins. I was sitting on a plane this weekend and watched several people who randomly touched their face or rubbed their eyes at least 5 times per hour! This virus can be spread from an infected hand straight to the eye.


Some tips that may help to avoid viruses and bacteria.

  1. Wash hands with alcohol based ‘hand washes’ or soap and water regularly after being out in public and before preparing food.
  2. Stay at least one metre away from people coughing and sneezing (4). IF YOU HAVE A NASTY COLD OR COUGH, please stay at home. You may be OK but if it is an inflammatory virus, you may spread it to someone who is not as strong e.g the elderly, or lung weak patients.
  3. Go and visit your professional Naturopath or Herbalist for herbal medicine and nutritional supplements that can BOOST your immune system, restore gut and reduce INFLAMMATION. This is prevention to ensure your immune system stays strong.
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an inflammatory virus so anti-inflammatory support is absolutely essential.
  5. Keep the body healthy, free of toxins and immune weakening chemicals as much as possible. This includes unnecessary drugs, alcohol, tobacco and food preservatives, sugars and junk food.
  6. Get plenty of sleep. A healthy immune system needs a good night sleep to function. Eight hours is ideal. 
  7. Remember 80-90% of our immune systems is in our gut so our guy micro-biome must be in order.
  8. DEHYDRATION is a big problem for our immune system so please stay hydrated or else our kidneys can not filter, our liver can not get rid of the toxins and our immune cells can not function.

Amina’s favourite herbs for anti-viral support:

Recommended: May help PREVENTION 😷& general anti-viral support:

🍃Elderberry – one of my first ‘go to’ herbs in any virus. It is antiviral, immune enhancing and an antioxidant, needed for elimination toxins and may help fighting pathogens.

🌿Echinacea – A wonderful immune support allrounder to support immune and is anti-inflammatory and supports adrenals.

🍃Thyme – Anti microbial and great support for respiratory health, colds and coughs.

🌱St John’s wort may be very helpful for inactivating ‘enveloped’ viruses and nervous system support.

🌿Andrographis is immune enhancing for acute infections as well as chronic viral and bacterial infections.

🍃Thuja – Brilliant support for common colds and viruses. Also an awesome anti-fungal herb.

🌿WASH HANDS: ✋🏼💦🤚🏼Lemon balm, Green tea and Calendula can be used as topical anti-viral herbs too.

🤒Some viruses affect the LUNGS so respiratory herbs such as may support lung health e.g. elecampane, licorice, pelargonium, thyme, rosemary, ribwort, mullein maybe all highly beneficial.

😨Stay away from mouldy environments. Mould will weaken the lungs and is toxic and inflammatory to the immune system.

🍑Vitamin C & ANTI-OXIDANTS eg. vit E, vit A, selenium, glutathione and zinc are recommended to support the immune system & lung health. Check iron and B12 levels too.

Boost the immune system with anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric, ginger , medicinal mushrooms e.g. shiitake and reishi, Miso soup, bone broths and lots of anti-microbial garlic and warming teas such as Manuka honey, lemon and ginger tea.


🌿Support the adrenals and stress response to minimise immune dysfunction with herbs like withania (ashwaganda), rhodiola, astragalus, rehmannia and again licorice.

🤗SPEAK TO A PROFESSIONAL PRACTITIONER FOR GUIDANCE as some of these herbs are contra-indicated with certain medications, pregnancy and medical conditions.

🙏🏼 Relax and TRUST your immune system if you are looking after yourself nicely your body will be strong 💙🌿

Amina is available for Skype, phone or in-clinic consultations. http://www.noosaholistichealth.com


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